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The 6 Hour Work-Day

July 2nd 2019

It’s time to shorten the average work-day… to 6 hours.

And I propose this solution because shortening the average work-day would create jobs and create time to engage in personal health and healthy parenting. Nevertheless, despite my opinion, this proposal is often met with harsh criticism… mostly because our country has implemented, “the 8 hour work-day,” since the early 1900’s.

But furthermore, today our President claims that the current economy is booming, leaving no need to change the work day, which is also a focal point of resistance to shortening the average work day. Nevertheless, Google also states that, “when unemployment ticked down to 3.7 percent in September of 2018, that that marked the lowest job-less rate… since December 1969, per The Bureau Of Labor Statistics.”

But whether you trust these types of internet based statistics or not… the heart of this issue remains the same and that is, “everyone needs to earn a living,” and shortening the average work-day… could potentially…. create more jobs.

Yet, working in NYC today and earning a living can be multi-faceted… where working extra hours for grocery money, working two jobs or staying up long hours, is not uncommon here in New York. However, consider that the average 8 hour work-day, plus transit, is really a 10 hour day for most Americans and it’s easy to see why mental health and pharmaceutical drugs… continue to plague this country. Still, the old reality continues… whereby, in almost every American citizen’s quest to earn a living, a lack of free time exists! And furthermore, while rationalizing this conclusion, I turned to an unlikely place… baseball.

The Baseball Economy

Part analogy… but also, “a congruent reality,” Major League Baseball has been working more players into their line-ups this season, giving more players rests, while also creating jobs, through shortened work days.

So why not follow suit corporate America?

In fact, the Yankee’s are basically treating the first half of their 162 game season, as an extension of the minor leagues… at times this year playing 6, or 7, reserve players and giving perrenial all-stars much needed time off. Yet, in doing so…. it has often felt like a minor league Yankee’s club… almost chameleon-ing themselves to fit in with the growing number of franchises, like the Tampa Bay Rays, who have been relegated to the B-side of Major League Baseball.

And it’s true, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, so by treating the first half of the monotonously long 162 game season… like an extension of the minor leagues, the Yankee’s have chameleon-ed themselves into making, “the baseball wealth gap,” not seem so bad. (*Which in my opinion is analogous to the effects of disability, as well as the ongoing rhetoric surrounding job creation.)

while I’m straying off topic, this concept of blurring the lines between labor negotiations is no secret in baseball. But is the season not too long? Just as the average work day is vaguely primitive? Whereby, 162 games plus travel time, plus the monotonously long hours of practice required to play at the Major League level often times creates a grueling grind, year after year, which leads to injuries and all sorts of negative consequences. However, with that being said… I also personally believe that all of the Yankee’s are not truly hurt. Which is an analogy for the economy as a whole, as well, in my opinion and an off-shoot or, “a congruent reality,” to the broader spectrum of labor laws today! Because with baseball players now, “pacing themselves,” for a grueling 162 game season, many players have begun taking extended leaves of absence, both creating jobs for younger players… as well as creating the illusion that smaller markets can compete, akin to big businesses today!

So in conclusion, should we not shorten the season? And why not shorten the season for the rest of America as well? Because as common workers grow akin to holding 2 jobs… and as it continues to become increasingly difficult to own a; car, home and savings account, I’ve noticed that many businesses, large and small, are increasingly reliant on, “part time workers.”

Meaning, that by scheduling shorter hours and more shifts, more people can get an opportunity… because 162 games… is just too many.

-William Larsen