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Border Security
And My Failed Move To England

June 17th 2023


So, I was deported from England last month. My software company... PDX Larsen LLC and I... were both deported, actually.

And it was disappointing for a few reasons. I had a nice job in London at the PUNCH TAVERN. I had an apartment lined up and I had good and honest co-workers. In fact, I was just starting to feel comfortable there when my bank gave me the bad news, "your bank account is restricted."

"Wait what?" I said to myself. I'd been working in England under my US based company PDX Larsen LLC, albeit, a loophole in the immigration process... but dozens of US companies were functioning in the UK. In fact, what stands out to me most about my time there... is how similar that London is to Wisconsin. Whereby, every street is almost like, "middle America," yet, it's supposedly a foreign country?

A Short Video --And I made a short video explaining this while I was there... but it seemed like every street outside of downtown London... was just like the US! And this literally scared me because it really shows just how powerful that some of these companies are and not only in America but abroad!

Mcdonalds, a post office, a grocery store, a SUBWAY RESTAURANT and a bodega. Then 2 streets down; another Mcdonalds, a post office, a grocery store, another SUBWAY RESTAURANT and another bodega. 3 more blocks down... you get the point. But this repetitiveness was shocking and the sheer number of US based companies that are currently operating within the UK was even more suspicious of a greater problem within the macro-economic spectrum!

The 51st State

But, more than anything I was shocked by just how similar that England is to the United States... especially for a country where the people tend to think that most Americans are ignorant. **Sips tea***

Regardless, I had found a small loop-hole in the immigration process... in that I was attempting to work through my American based LLC, PDX LARSEN LLC, a very intriguing Ai based startup which I founded in 2016. And there's no legality against this, in fact, Chipotle, Mcdonalds, Facebook, Whatsapp and a dozen or so other American companies are quite prevelant in the UK, today. Whereby, it's not even illegal to write a check to a foreign company... in the UK or the US... as often times I've heard Prince William himself encouraging the growth of small businesses and pinpointing small businesses as the most fundamental part of a growing economy. In fact, to encourage financial growth most businesses are actually rewarded for working with both foreign companies and foreign people's and in almost no country in the world is it, "illegal," to write a check to a foreign company provided that both countries can tax the transacation. At least it hasn't been illegal to write a check to a foreign company for the last 150 or so years, whereby, it's almost a medievil level of thinking... to discourage foreign companies from operating abroad. In fact, most Americans purchase foreign goods on Ebay every day! Just like how most Brit's eat at Mcdonalds every so often or use WhatsApp or Facebook.

Furthermore, my employer was essentially allowed to hire, "my company," to perform any task or service that they needed, through my US based LLC and this was perfectly LEGAL! However, were they to hire me as an employer, the potential fine was/is up to 5 years IMPRISONMENT for hiring illegal workers in England and up to a 15k GBP fine!

However, purchasing foreign goods on Ebay, using Facebook, eating at Mcdonalds and in tihs instance... hiring PDX LARSEN LLC... was perfectly fine and ecnouraged by the crowned Prince himself in several interviews... touting the growth of small businesses abroad. So hiring my company was PERFECTLY LEGAL... especially in a world where Ai is rapidly growing in use! And this wasn't contingent upon whether my visa was a tourist visa or a work visa, I had every right to operate and negotiate business through my LLC in the UK! This is how business is done!

Nevertheless, sure some employer's were very cautious concerning my dealings and particularly concerned about the concept of, "hiring me," albeit, through my company or not... especially due to the extreme punishments that could be levied upon them for any mis-doings concerning illegal immigration. Yet, in the spirit of free market economics and due to the fact that my company is in fact, a very rare, Ai startup, founded in 2016, in a cutting edge field... I was NOT operating outside of the law, foreign or domestic... assuming that I paid taxes on any earned income, which I had planned to do, before being deported. And that's how money is made... or so I thought. But maybe the US needs to ban UK sellers off of Ebay... in retaliation for the UK sending me home, I don't know?

Regardless; I was really happy in England for the whole 4 weeks that I was there, until my time there came to a rather abrupt end... when... wait for it... NOT THE IMMIGRATION POLICE... not the actual Police... but the BANKS... went about deporting me! Yes, you heard that correctly and as to circumnavigate any political, "friction," that's exactly what happened and the UK bank that I was using froze my account and they forced me to leave, without the government ever saying a word.


Yes, that's correct... the banks... not the immigration authorities... deported me by essentially freezing my assets in the UK, albeit a very small amount of money at that time. However, this was fascinating in itself and for a variety of reasons. Whereby, I've long suspected that certain banking instutitons were, "policing the people," and obviously here in America as well, but this was sure proof of it! Whereby, after applying for a dozen bank accounts in the UK my account was frozen, which allowed me to accept GBP via direct deposit. And most employer's require this in the UK, as to allow the banks to filter out, "heathens like me," who attempt to bi-pass their immigration standards. Yet, in many ways this felt unfair to me and my Ai startup which I PROMISE WILL NEVER OPERATE IN THE UK AGAIN AFTER THIS! Mostly because... were my company to have been larger, like say Mcdonalds, I assume that some of these issues wouldn't have been issues, especially seeing as half of the UK economy seems to be US based companies! Furthermore, had I had a 100k dollar Barclay's international bank account, I wouldn't have had this problem at all!

Meaning, had I had a 100,000$ Barclay's bank account --which you can get in NYC, then this problem wouldn't have been an issue at all! Which to me is a somewhat FASCIST PAY WALL, in my estimation, further signalling a dystopian future surrounding the concept of, "generational wealth," which sits in the face of a lot of American ideals concerning social mobility. Or in simpler terms... they put a ridiculous price tag on it, to keep people who they don't like away.

And I don't use that term FASCISM lightly, but I noticed in the UK that PAYWALL's were much more common in general... and assumingly all over Europe, whereby GENERATIONAL WEALTH has turned into a very direct argument in Europe leading to an economy where they now use PAY WALLS quite regularly to block the children of poor parent's from achieving most great things in the UK and Europe. And perhaps this is going on in Asia too? I don't know. But to me that's the foundation of FASCISM! Like the banks policing immigation instead of the police... and being coy about it instead of direct.


And pay wall's are something that as an American, absolutely appalled me. Social mobility is perhaps the highest core value in America today and our belief system in the Western World entirely revolves around the idea that a hard working individual can move up in our economy, yet the pay walls on education and licensing in the UK bordered a dystopian future and tyranny that we only read about here in the US. In fact, I left feeling as though the UK had reverted to Fascism in terms of their border security and not only in practice but in process, as well, concerning the passive aggressive way that they had deported me by freezing my bank account (*SURELY AS TO AVOID THIS ARGUMENT OVER INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE).

Regardless; what was astonishing to me wasn't how different the UK was from the US or that the banks froze my banking account, which essentially forced me to go back to the US... but what astonished me was how many US companies were allowed to work and operate in the UK! And how little of an opportunity that they had given me to compete through my LLC on foreign soil! Why did they accept so many big companies and not even give me a chance to relocate my company abroad? Whereby, again, over 2 dozen US companies are working on the street level in London today! But you shunned my small business... and is that not the core problem in terms of CORPORATE ENTITLEMENT?

And I planned on paying taxes. In fact, London has become a rather large hub for Artificial Intelligence scientists from all over the world, in recent years. Furthermore, Deep Mind, Google's Ai subsidiary... is HQ'd in London today. Regardless, my company was told to go back to NYC and told not to establish residence in London, despite my willingness to not only pay UK taxes... but I intended on paying taxes in BOTH COUNTRIES, as to seek dual citizenship, before being deported by the UK banks. But I guess that England doesn't need my Ai startup...

In Conclusion

And more specifically, they required a BIOMETRIC RESIDENCY PERMIT, in order to verify my bank account in the UK... for which I was unable to obtain such paperwork in the time that was given to me.

However, I found it rather, "off-putting," for the lack of a better word... that both my Ai start-up and I, with the intent to use my startup to assist residents and establishments in London with transitioning into the 21st century, a very relevant young software company, was turned away despite my willingness to pay both US and UK taxes! And this felt Facist in nature, for several reasons, ranging from border security to the denial of a small business attempting to compete with larger companies abroad!

But now I'm back in NYC... and I won't be returning to London ever again. In fact, I've tweeted Prince William, a prince of my same name... a couple of dozen times and he didn't seem to care, so I won't be ever coming back nor will I be doing any business in the UK ever again. Furthermore, the British parliament was very aware that I intended to relocate there and they decided to just keep Google in charge over there... but what's done is done.

But don't call me when Russia attacks the UK.

-William Larsen, Civilians News