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Civilian's Speak Out: End This Divisiveness

February 23rd 2020

Every election cycle… someone says, "but this is the most important election ever!"

And what if it is? Will this become the most important era in US history? Or by adding significance to this election are we instead nurturing an environment of fanatical and extremist, "political behavior?" And I lean towards the latter. Whereby, I believe that this conundrum of, "significance versus extremism," is now leading myself and others to question the ethics of, “identity politics,” within America today.

And when someone can do no wrong and their follower’s minds cannot be changed… even by fact... than there is no democracy. Regardless, like so many other Americans, I truly believe that my candidate is the right person for the job and perhaps may become the hero that we all need! Though, for today’s article I’ve chosen to leave that candidate un-named. Which is essentially my point here because all I see is division both inside and outside of; the Supreme Court, Congress, the House of Representatives and the Presidency. But furthermore, I also find that most Americans haven't done their homework… as evidenced by the media. Nevertheless, I believe that many Americans today, more so than ever before, have been led to engage in toxic conversations online, regarding politics. Whereby, to be clear, I believe that this has been done intentionally in order to qwell nationalism, perhaps in an effort to water down grass roots arguments which can impact policy!

And that’s why this never-ending need to be heard and constant, “double down mentality,” is the topic of today’s article.

However, as it stands today... either your candidate will win this November and you're going to feel as though you succeeded in promoting your beliefs, or your going to watch your candidate lose, in a pivotal election. Regardless, despite this unfavorable circumstance for many Americans, nothing lasts forever, empires have crumbled and our choice’s do have consequences. Which is ultimately why I’m writing this article today, because this is a moment in history where the people must reach a consensus. So maybe our very own, “two party system,” is creating unnecessary bureaucracy, or maybe our own people are standing in the way of progress… but gridlock can’t last forever! Whereby, in conclusion the times are changing and I believe that modern day, “identity politics,” needs to change accordingly.

By: Tyler Greenfield

Edited by: William Larsen