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Corona Pandemic! Making Sense Of A Year Gone Mad!

June 6th 2020

Today’s quarantine feels like an apex of Washington’s political complaints all outlined into one aptly named, “pandemic.”

Whereby, this year’s Covid-19 pandemic has forced all of us to take into consideration the underlying issues surrounding;

  • Credibility in the mass media.
  • Universal income, an issue further championed by Andrew Yang and Mark Zuckerburg.
  • Border security, in conjunction with disease prevention… and the UK system of immigration/health-care, which had already been implemented before Corona.
  • Universal health-care.
  • Senior citizen’s health-care, “costs.”
  • Alcoholism and tariff’s…… which has gone unsaid, IE a foreign beer, “Corona,” replacing Budweiser within America today. Which then also leads me into the topic of, “sub-versive racism,” European politics and generational wealth… as well as cultural heritage. (*The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

And what solutions should arise from this year’s, “quarantine?” A quarantine where 30 million Americans have already filed for unemployment and countless businesses may be gone for good? Yet, I think that the U.S. government is in many ways using this time as a litmus test, in order to decipher some of those decisions moving forward, IE the future of the fast food industry. Whereby, for the first time in American history, over 100 million people are now receiving welfare… or over 1/3rd of our population, particularly when many of those now on welfare were barely making ends meet at their jobs before the pandemic anyway. Nevertheless,

Which is to imply that senior citizens are currently using this pandemic to punish the youth with unemployment benefits, because they themselves are bitter about Social Security.

But does it ever end? Or do we discuss immigration and Social Security for 250 more years? Or is 2 trillion dollars a small penance, when compared to the costs of allowing illegal aliens into this country forever? And furthermore, who is to blame for this outdated economy, an economy which is currently dominated by senior citizens who are earning record breaking checks into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s… while the youth struggles to buy their first homes.

Because in my opinion, as our federal government loves to do… this year’s policy continues to reflect a never ending, “blame game,” of sorts. Whereby, Democrats are blaming Republicans, the US military is blaming welfare recipients… and in turn then overpaying soldiers based upon the success of restaurant owners, who are then also over-paying their staffs. Furthermore, sometimes in these underground, “wars over wages,” it also seems that corporate America blames our very own work force, with ownership that seems hell bent on penalizing their own people by outsourcing labor, particularly in cities like Detroit… all the while never going bankrupt and with corporate ownership never changing hands.

*And then the Ford’s donate to the GOP but play stupid when their own city opposes their politics and then they act like they just talk with their bank accounts… when, “liberals who work for them,” speak out against them. IE The NFL’s political snafu last season, where the owners chose to talk with their wallets and the players actually had to SPEAK OUT on certain issues.

But let’s get back to the facts… 775$ unemployment? That’s double what I made in the private sector! Which further signals to me… that wage gaps are not just a bi-product of currently top heavy pay structures but also greed within the grass roots. Whereby 775$/week SHOULD BE a more common weekly wage, yet… middle class managers and the likes… seem to be essentially taking this slack in the economy for themselves further depressing the lower class!

However, let’s be real… there are plenty of companies coming up short these days where all too often this economy doesn’t match the positive rhetoric and jargon of wealthy aristocrats. Which is to say…. that normalizing this level of job turnover alone, to me, says a lot about how, “the private sector,” has divided profits over past generations… IE my family working for the auto industry and not owning a home today.

Nevertheless, what solutions will come as a result of this pandemic? And how will these issues change people’s outlook... over the long term and after the pandemic has ended?

And here are some solutions that I'd like to present moving forward;

1. Home farming – In the event of current Ai and solar technology improving… “rural sprawl,” would likely become more popularized. Specifically, I believe that solar panels capable of powering household devices could rapidly popularize a mammoth wave of rural sprawl, within America today. However, with that being said, “home farming,” or, “hobby farming,” I think will subsequently also grow in popularity… as individuals break away from our dependence on the government and essentially our dependence upon mainstream food supplies, moving forward.

2. Population caps – As home farming increases, I also believe that population caps will be set, as well. Which is to say that a 3 billion person limit, on the US population… I believe would be pertinent, at this time. Furthermore, while this might seem drastic, this would actually allow the government to allocate LAND RESOURCES for future generations. Which is to say… that as home farming and rural sprawl grow in popularity, I expect that land will become scarcer and scarcer and at some point population caps will become necessary to maintain a fair housing market.

3.Automation and the acceptance of Ai – Why should fast food workers go back to work at all? Why shouldn’t robots be taking orders already?

Nevertheless, in conclusion… I feel like it's been 1984 for literally the last 36 years, in terms of America's financial institutions and whatever it takes to change that... than, so be it.

-William Larsen, Civilians News