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Elon Musk Pledges 6B Dollars To End World Hunger –So What’s The Deal?

November 25th

The Tweet (*that should’ve been) heard around the world.

Whereby, this was also perhaps thee pinnacle moment in the young history of social media, in my opinion, as well. Yet, I often wonder these days, “are rich people even human anymore? Do they not see the effects of this economy on the lower class? And do they just not care about poverty?”

However, apparently someone does care and who would’ve thought? Yet, as these things typically play out… that person is again, Elon Musk… the same billionaire who didn’t mind opposing; The Ford Family, The Walmart’s, The Kroc’s, The Kennedy’s, The Rockefeller’s, The Turner’s, Rupert Murdoch, Coca Cola and the rest of, “the corporate Conservative base,” which has cleverly controlled US politics for the last 35 years through the auto industry.

The Fair Isaac Corporation aka FICO

But ask yourselves, does the Fair Isaac Corporation control more than our mortgages? And how much of these corporate profits go towards; rent, gas and welfare? Whereby, this country spends 300m dollars a day on petroleum… or roughly the same price as the NYC subway system’s entire construction costs and yet, no one bats an eye?

And long story long… I was enamored by Elon’s pledge and for many years I have personally strived to be in a position to do the same thing myself.

But what happened after this water-shed moment in US history? Did NATO create a transparent plan to end world hunger, as we know it?

Not exactly…

So, here we are again… but let’s examine this interaction and try to find common ground… said the, “FakeNews.”

Well Elon’s quip came on the heels of a remark by David Beasly, from NATO, who mentioned that Elon’s 36 billion dollar stock rise this Fall… was 6x larger then the necessary sum of money needed to end world hunger. But not so fast… so you’re saying that Elon Musk made 36B dollars in one day? Not exactly. In reality, TSLA’s stock price jumped 20%, which has happened several times over the past 5 years and market analysts were simply evaluating his company as being worth 20% more… which isn’t exactly the same as, “making 36B dollars,” for starters.

Whereby, the stock market today has become something more like a credit card that certain CEO’s get to take out, based upon their companies performances. Then their CEO’s are rewarded immensely with borderline fictional sums of money for founding such wonderful American institutions such as; Buffalo Wild Wings, TSLA and other Fortune 500 companies, where the stock price is little more than a credit card/badge of honor forecasting the future profitability of a corporation, in today’s economy.

So immediately, I was hesitant to judge this interaction on account of, “the earnings,” in question, which are really more like Bitcoin… kind of baloney. Nevertheless, with that also being said… a man named, “Tony Baloney,” once became the best Caucasian basketball player in the history of the NBA, so let me continue by also saying that Elon is a very hard working and respectable CEO in America today, who brought up a tremendous point, which is that, “there are rich people who empathize with the poor on a grand scale today and some of them are willing to help.”

Regardless; at the upper echeleon of wealth, wealth truly just becomes a number… Bill Gates could not spend 70B dollars if he wanted to, let alone pull 2B out of the bank without asking for Congressional approval.

Regardless; the politics change when you’re dealing with ultra-large sums of money, is basically my point. So people need to take some of these figures with a grain of salt… particularly stock prices.

Nevertheless; long story long, Elon has contributed more to society than most people will in their entire lives and he is one of the wealthiest men on Earth, and if he chooses to spend that wealth feeding the poor, who’s to stop him? In fact, shouldn’t we revel in his generosity? Shouldn’t we applaud this type of graciousness?

Except the issue of ending world hunger, isn’t as cut and dry as ending world hunger… so, “they,” say.

Still, often times today… politicians will link 1 issue with another… IE hunger and overpopulation, IE jail/policing and jobs, IE housing and immigration, IE marijuana reform and universal healthcare… and what so often happens in today’s politics… is that the truth is muddied in order to detriment critics, or belittle opposition.

And in fact, this is a common practice in grass-roots US Politics, where people use jargon and over-complex rationale to muddy the fact that at our core, almost everyone can empathize with the poor… in one way or another.

Or to be more clear, basically our political climate is set up to prevent such large donations… except of course when Bill Gates or Warren Buffett make them, the only 2 people who are really deserving of such wealth. And that’s comical but it’s not… because in order to create a small business today, there’s a variety of horrible things that you have to overcome which are seemingly designed to turn business owners into neo-Conservative jerks towards the poor and encourages the upper class to often times, not make such a donation, were you to be in Elon’s position.

IE Elon lecturing everyone about his 2$ a day diet, 30 years after he got his first 125m dollar check, for his first start-up.

And I own a small business… so this topic is very near and dear to my heart, and while I’m not quite on Elon’s level, yet, I know that the pay scales seem heavily favored towards Conservative ideology. Or to be more specific… it’s almost impossible to create a Fortune 500 company today (like TSLA or *in a few years) without growing bitter towards the poor and being constantly hassled, to the point that no CEO would ever want to make such a large donation to the poor.

Yet, in my opinion this is SYSTEMIC poverty in it’s truest fashion, although, I believe that this has very little to do with skin color and more to do with an upper class that has reaped the spoils of our society for the last 2-3 hundred years, all the while convincing the masses that they aren’t worthy of things like HOME OWNERSHIP, for example.

Nevertheless, is the UN going to take Elon’s money and what’s the reality of this proclamation? “I WILL END WORLD HUNGER.”

but what’s the reality of that statement?

Well, as noted by NPR…

“So far, Musk has made no commitments to the agency. Still, the conversation prompts the question: How much of a dent would $6 billion make when it comes to feeding millions? After all, WFP raised $8.4 billion last year, yet the global food crisis has only worsened.”

-NPR (

Wait, what? WFP (World Food Programme) raised 8.4B to end World Hunger last year?

And they called me, "a Socialist."

-William Larsen, Founder