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Is Emancipation From Your Parents The New Divorce?

June 4th 2021

Marilyn Monroe did NOT love Joe Dimaggio and it’s historically blurred… but Dimaggio would literally stalk Marilyn Monroe after their divorce in 1955. Then, later on, when Marilyn died in 1962... Dimaggio would visit her grave-stone every year, despite the fact that at the time of her death they were NOT together. Now whether or not the Italian mafia had anything to do with her death is unknown… *cough*… but in hindsight it was clearly obvious that these 2 celebrities had no reason to be married.

And the pair were wed from January 14, 1954 – October 31, 1955… which was just a short-time after Dimaggio had retired from Major League Baseball and the length of their marriage basically sums up their time together. However, Dimaggio was like royalty in NYC at the time, particularly amongst Italian immigrants and surely Marilyn adored his fame but also his passion.

Nevertheless, because of failed marriages like this one, today the topic of divorce in America is utterly common. Whereby, according to Google… the American divorce rate is currently hovering around 50%, an auspiciously high number and a number that could rise due to Social Media, which is now keeping people connected for decades after their break-ups.

(Statistical reference link.)

Yet, however you personally feel about divorce and it’s growing popularity (*the divorce rate was 2.5 divorces for every 1,000 people in 1950 and dropped to 2.3 in 1955) and I personally believe that abusive relationships occur and that divorce is a perfectly reasonable solution to that abuse. However, this type of occurrence is nothing to be proud of, whereby, legalizing divorce seems to me like a marked improvement to the U.S. judicial system since it's legal conception nearly 70 years ago. Whereby, ideally we would all have perfect relationships and raise an ideal nuclear family but unfortunately the sheer reality is that these things rarely turn out the way that we plan and people change, relationship’s change.

But with that being said, today’s article is not about the ethics of divorce… but a very similar topic which I find to be even more relevant in modern times… and that’s EMANCIPATION.

And not, “The Emancipation Proclamation,” which so famously free’d American slaves after the Civil War… but emancipation from our PARENTS! Whereby, currently in America there are roughly 20 million emancipated minors, now free from living with their abusive parents.

(Statistical reference link.)

Nevertheless, just as people are unfit for marriage… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that some people are also unfit to raise children and I don’t feel as though I need a statistic to explain that. Whereby, I believe that, “childhood emancipation,” is particularly relevant right now because there is such a great, “generational divide,” both socially and economically… a divide which often times forces young children to conform to their parent’s ideals… even when those ideals no longer fit this modern era, which draws me towards the concept of, “emancipation.”

Or to put that more simply, children need to have more power over their own lives… and I find this topic particularly relevant… because so often today a child’s grade point average is regarded as the single most important measurement of a person’s future value within our society. Or to put that even more clearly… we as Americans heavily weigh the childhood aptitude of individuals, in terms of deciding their future careers. Nevertheless, due to this predicament many children are currently measured upon their circumstances at home, which can then heavily impact those early grade point averages, which then typically determine a person’s future career. Whereby, due to the importance of those years… kids today often find themselves running in the shadow of their parent’s or trying to live up to their parent’s hopes and dreams… and most parents tend to make the mistake of either being too hard on their children throughout their education… or not parenting them at all.

So, for that reason... I believe that more and more children should be given the opportunity to live on their own from 8th-12th grade, without the interference of their parents holding them back, in terms of their high school education.

And I’m going to keep this short today… but in retrospect, as a 35 year old male myself… who’s still being judged by my high school grade point average… I believe that more children should have the OPTION to live alone throughout their high school education.

-William Larsen, Founder of

PS: I could’ve gone to Harvard, literally.