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Is The Coronavirus REAL?

August 1st 2020

As the federal government continues to discredit as being, “fake news,” is it time to make a distinction between government based news outlets and Civilians News… altogether?

Which is to ask, “who is credible?” What information can I trust and where are the facts? Is CNN credible? Is Fox News credible and who decides? Whereby, I personally find this issue of credibility to be terrifying in terms of the democracy concerning; disease, death, poverty, mental health, suicide and home ownership.

How should I vote? And how should I feel about a pandemic… for which I can only see through my front window? Because in today’s political climate I can’t help but wonder if the aptly named, “CORONAVIRUS,” is now simply being used as a political ploy… and I honestly wonder if this entire pandemic is now being used as a distraction to veil other debates from the public eye (IE immigration in LA). Furthermore, I’ve now begun to wonder if this Covid-19 pandemic is now also being used in order to stall negotiations concerning issues such as; affordable housing, population controls, climate change, immigration, minimum wage, tariff disputes and minimum wage reforms.

Nevertheless, obviously that’s not the case… because apparently the CORONA VIRUS isn’t just mocking tariff’s placed on American beer…. but apparently people really are dying.

And they really are… according to

But, I personally wonder just how many of those deaths are being FALSELY attributed to the Coronavirus? And how many people are now using this disease simply to take advantage of the government stimulus money? Regardless, in today’s economy… where the wealthy hardly even talk to the poor anymore… it’s wonderful to know that we have a leadership group in power who intentionally puts people who say, “don’t pay taxes,” into seemingly intentionally awkward predicaments. What if you don’t qualify for unemployment but lost your job due to the virus? Nobody cares, because the only people who don’t qualify for unemployment right now, are the people who weren’t working before or didn’t file taxes. So again, I wonder if this, “pandemic,” is being used to punish people, as well?

Regardless, more people are dying… and as you can tell by my tone, it frustrates me for a variety of reasons but namely because I don’t entirely trust the data that's being provided. And furthermore, from my perspective in America today, where almost everyone I know creates some sort of self serving biased towards their own financial success or failure and this entire epidemic, in many ways… feels to me, more like a BAILOUT for those type of fake people who constantly lie about their finances, lies which are unbearably common in America today.

So with America’s biased attitudes towards personal wealth, clear to me, from a grass roots perspective… I REMAIN SKEPTICAL of the CoronaVirus death tolls and it’s economic impact. Which is to say, “how many people were collecting disability in this country, before the virus?” And how many of these people going bankrupt, were already 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt? Or how many of these business being bailed out by the Paycheck Protection Program (for example Major League Soccer) were essentially failing without government backed welfare programs, anyway? Furthermore, how many people latch onto whatever the news is saying? And how many people will claim that Coronavirus was the cause of their own death, just to aid in securing TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in spending, for others?

In conclusion, I’m not arguing that the Coronavirus is a falsified conspiracy or a hoax but I do believe that a lot of people are naive about the virus and I also believe that specifically… Republicans are using this to defend their stance on climate change being a, "myth." Furthermore, I also believe that certain people (*Mitch Mcconnel) have taken large campaign donations from oil companies for decades, for denying climate science and now view this disease as an ethical opportunity to justify those wrongs... financially. Whereby, as a biproduct of that political climate this disease feels largely embellished to me.

But also, no one I know has died (*thus far) from the Coronavirus disease. So I personally feel literally no threat from the disease and maybe that's also why a lot of this feels economically motivated, to me.

-William Larsen