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Internet Piracy And Food Stamps
--The CIA's Secret War

June 11th 2022

“Well everyone’s on welfare… except us,” Donald Trump explained to his son Baron, as they sat on their private plane.

“But Dad, why are so many people poor?” Baron asked…

“Because not everyone works this hard son but our family has sacrificed for the betterment of society since at least 1885 and our family deserves to earn 100000000X more than the average worker,” Donald surely explained.

Sound familiar? If so, that’s because this sentiment echoes across the upper class on a daily basis. Why are some people so rich, while others are so poor? And is any amount of wealth enough? Furthermore, what will our children think when they make friends with members of other social classes and backgrounds? Will they feel the same animosity towards the poor as their parents did?

And what makes some people so deserving of this nation’s wealth, that so many other individuals lack?

And one thing… that I’ve noticed has seemingly entitled certain people to virtually endless wealth, is WELFARE.

Yes, you heard that correctly, WELFARE, is the reason that some people inherit millions while others live off of their parents 1500$… monthly social security checks from 1-18 years old. Whereby, not only do the financial benefits of welfare TRAP people in certain lifestyles, through co-dependence on the government but also, welfare justifies other mechanisms such as; INHERITANCE, DIVIDENDS, INTEREST and PROPERTY VALUES, which all contribute to the never ending cycle of success (*interest on capital has paid more than welfare ever will), that some people enjoy on a daily basis, just like… welfare.

And the people who inherit the money know it’s wrong…

Ask Baron how he feels about his net worth? And as Baron Trump becomes the head of one of the richest families in the world, I’m eagerly awaiting his stance on poverty, as he takes over for his Dad here in NYC.

No offense to the Prince of NYC.. or is that me?

Regardless; long story long… what I want to talk about today is an off-shoot of that dichotomy, which I’ve recently come to notice myself and that has to do with FOOD STAMPS, INTERNET PIRACY and welfare.

And perhaps you’re asking yourself, “what does internet piracy have to do with food stamps?” To which I would note, the two issues are seemingly disconnected… but are they?

What’s the difference between pirating a DVD and spending food stamps at Walmart? And surely no one keeps track of that… and punishes us for watching movies or feeding our families?

Whereby, in today’s Senate it’s difficult to know which political party is behind certain legislation and grass roots initiatives. For example, do the Democrats oppose immigration silently, as a way to balance new college graduates on a path to becoming successful, with incoming immigrants as their labor force? Off-setting the new money in this country? Or is it the Republicans who oppose immigration, due to selfish and stubborn race politics?

Regardless; welfare and piracy are similarly, “blurred issues,” in Washington DC today, whereby, it’s difficult to discern why certain policies have taken hold as grass roots legislation.

Which is to say, “why doesn’t the government punish internet piracy?” Why is internet piracy not prosecuted 99% of the time? Or for that matter, why doesn’t the upper class end welfare by simply hiring everyone at government jobs or to do recycling work? Or to work for NASA or the military? Elon Musk, America’s richest man is both NOT FROM AMERICA and the beneficiary of billions of dollars in government aid… but why finance him and not home grown talent?

And when it comes to internet piracy I’ve recently come to a hypothesis as to why the laws concerning, “the theft of MP3’s and digital content,” are so often overlooked… and that reason is nepotism / inheritance and the grey areas that arise when small businesses compete with established businesses in both intellectual property and manufacturing, today. Or to be more specific, the expenses that go along with mass production can be too difficult for small businesses to acquire and patents concerning intellectual property are usually monopolized by 2-3 corporations, as well. Whereby, arises a situation in which Americans typically gloss over the inner workings of, “business,” yet, small business owners are rarely given a ladder to compete with established families in either intellectual property or manufacturing… and neither of these pitfalls is often discussed socially, for example, copywriting 2 word slogans or building a car factory.

But how common is piracy? Since all the poor do is steal…

Whereby, according to Google:

“Statistics on global piracy show that over 300 billion visits were found to piracy sites just in 2017 alone. Online piracy poses a big problem for copyright holders, especially today, with the rise of online streaming.”

And with that being said, it can be properly estimated that some 2-3b dollars a year are lost in the US alone due to, “internet piracy,” mostly on foreign websites.

But is this an issue of globalization? Or is this an issue of, “funny time,” politic, whereby, the rich enjoy playing the victims… ie taxes?

And hey, playing the victims has worked for minorities… so shouldn’t that work for the rich to justify their behavior?


And the battle between, “intellectual property and engineering/mass production,” has been going on for some time, with the West Coast claiming title to intellectual property and the East Coast holding most of the manufacturing jobs in this country. Regardless, in the battle of Hollywood v Ford, both sides have a core business model, “to sell products,” however, in what started as the core philosophy behind Republican v Democratic debates, has now become a veiled disagreement… between the upper and lower classes concerning social mobility and theft.

And what do I mean by that?

Well… this is why I believe that, “piracy,” is so rarely prosecuted within the US today, despite being a, “crime,” similarly to bankruptcy laws…

  1. Can you copy-write or patent every word in the dictionary? What makes a phrase or slogan? 2-3 words? And where do we draw the line on, “intellectual property?” Then similarly… is Ford a monopoly? Can I compete with Ford in manufacturing? Probably not, due to the resources necessary to do so. So at some point are we just being PETTY about small businesses? Or at what point does the small business have a chance to compete? Especially when the heirs of certain companies didn’t found the corporation themselves and a competing young start-up is enthusiastically trying to, “steal,” their market share. Whereby, in both intellectual property and manufacturing there’s a certain, “level of pettiness,” which can ruin social mobility/the economy and keep us buying products from the same 5 companies our whole lives… almost like tyranny, at a certain level. And how many bills fit into your mailbox?

  2. Movies and entertainment are all that some kids have. Whereby, unfortunately, not everyone in this country has, “parents,” in the ideal sense of the word and without; movies, music and culture, you’re literally suffocating the people who need our art/culture the most from the onset of childhood development.

  3. Corporate benevelence, the college system and cultural appropriation… but THANKS DISNEY + and ESPN + for teaching us literally nothing over these past 10 years, as opposed to putting out thought provoking content like pre-2000… seemingly in an effort to raise profits off of education and institutions. AND THANK YOU JAY Z FOR DUMBING DOWN RAP MUSIC and being selfish about intellectual property and culture, as well. Whereby, this has also turned into a situation where the heads of these companies are always complaining about money at levels that most artists have never experienced and they often justify it in music as an African American cultural pursuit and vice versa at Disney. And worse yet, now-a-days it costs 5k just to meet some of these people, people in hip hop who once combatted endless poverty and represented the poor no less, who are now charging appearence fees. But we’re all stealing from them. So… I guess we all need to go to college in order to learn anything new now. Or what is the value of intellectual property? Which is another conversation that someone refuses to have in the media. PS: Jay’s more of an, “LA rapper,” now.

  4. The upper class wants to perpetuate their own families wealth… and they need a reason to justify it. So by giving citizens free intellectual property, IE MOVIES and SHOWS, sports and entertainment, the upper class can not only BRAND SUCCESS as a competition… IE PRO SPORTS… but they can also justify DIVIDENDS, INTEREST and INHERITANCE to their children, which the upper class is fully aware… is a grey area in the modern day economy. For example, what is the difference between welfare and inheritance? And this grey area, I’ll also note, was often covered up by hefty medical fee’s at the end of people’s lives in past decades, which used to eliminate a lot of inheritance in this country.

  5. Offsetting penalties… because if everyone is essentially borrowing from the government and the upper class then what is the issue with the upper class collecting interest or dividends? Or overworking people? Or monopolizing production? Whereby, again offsetting the financial blame… which to re-iterate, keeps us from changing this system either in favor or against piracy. Hence, the reason why this topic is so rarely discussed.

Because surely not everyone in this country is on welfare, right Donald? Or do some of us steal movies from Walmart? Can you buy a DVD with food stamps? And no other city makes movies (*or cars) on this planet, do they?

And then… to make matters worse, imagine if the President was from Pennsylvania? Because why fix the, “wealth gap,” when everyone is just stealing from the rich? Right?

But try convincing Bill Gates that you’re better than he is… and that you deserve leadership in this country and not him and his kids.

To which he would surely reply, “well everybody’s stealing from us.”


-The Rolling Stones, who by the way are still touring…

Article #173…

-William Larsen IIIrd