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Positive News?
In A World Full Of Complaints
-Part 1 -

July 19th 2022

"Complainer news!"

"Liberal news!"

"Whiny news!"

"Wimpy news!"

"And do you ever focus on the positives?"

Yet, one of my first initiatives, when founding Civilians News, was to avoid complaining and to seek, “solutions based media coverage.” In fact, I vividly recall writing one of my first articles on the topic of, “medical school tuition,” and while I was writing that article back in 2012, I recall trying to focus on the positive nature of medicine, while being dismayed by the financial realities of it. Whereby, I often find it difficult to remain positive while reporting on the news today.

Nevertheless, today, I’d like to narrow my complaints down to 6 and focus on the MAIN ISSUES plagueing American society, along with 1-2 remedies.  

1. America's job market is not transparent enough.

Whereby, we discuss this topic of, “fairness,” constantly within American society… both in the media and throughout the public education system, however, employers today constantly overlook qualified candidates while using the word, "no," as a perfectly reasonable explanation for any such hiring practice.

2. The U.S. HIGHWAY SYSTEM should be over-hauled… and particularly, in favor of a more dynamic train system.

And for 2 reasons: A) automobile accidents have remained as the #1 cause of death for 50+ years and B) today’s cars are still being built like battering rams, poorly designed and with their focus on power and not utility. Whereby, it’s also worth mentioning that this country spends 1.5b dollars / per day, on petroleum, which is essentially just decomposed dinosaur blood that we pump out of the soil. 

“19.78 million barrels.”

“EIA uses product supplied to represent U.S. petroleum consumption. In 2021, the United States consumed an average of about 19.78 million barrels of petroleum per day, or a total of about 7.22 billion barrels of petroleum. This was an increase in consumption of about 1.6 million barrels per day over consumption in 2020. Mar 9, 2022
1 barrel of petroleum = 19 gallons of gasoline.
Gasoline = 4.41$ / per gallon, in NYC, today.
19.78 barrels per day x 19 gallons per barrel = 375.82 million gallons of gas consumed per day x 4.41$ per gallon = 1.65736 billion dollars spent on gasoline in the U.S. / per day. 

3. Housing costs-- whereby, shouldn’t an abundance of vacant property lead to lower prices?

And there must be 40k vacant homes in Detroit, Michigan, alone… rotting. So shouldn’t those homes cost 1$? And not only are a handful of baseball card dealers hogging all of the rare cards… but then now they’re also controlling the sales market by holding large %’s of rare cards and then dictating prices, no longer allowing children to purchase baseball cards.

But go and see for yourselves… in fact, go take a gander at Geoff Wilson over at Sports Card Investors, the sports card company which has essentially, “priced out,” all of the kids purchasing Wander Franco rookie cards this season… and the same thing is occurring in real estate.

4. Teen pregnancy… and eventually this country needs a population cap.

5. Racially biased hiring practices in the technology sector and let me put this bluntly, “WHY SHOULD A WHITE TECH COMPANY GIVE TECH TO MINORITIES WHO ONE DAY WILL REPRESENT ANOTHER COUNTRY/ETHNIC GROUP OTHER THAN THEM?

And that sounds like, “absurdity,” but it’s not.

Whereby, people today tend to be more loyal towards their ethnicity than they are to even their own country and we see this time and time again in the music industry where, “cultural appropriation,” pervades profits. Yet, knowing that people are more loyal to their skin color in fields like; acting, music, and most political preferences, as well, we still force integration.

For example, in the music industry… there is a fierce loyalty among African Americans above even the music itself, profits or American values. So if these people are more loyal to their ethnicity than they are towards a business or their own country, for that matter, then why should anyone in tech be sharing new technology with other ethnic groups? Especially when those same ethnic groups could eventually become our enemies? As history has shown… and do you see Drake hiring a bunch of Asian and Indian rappers? Do you see Damian Lillard supporting a bunch of white hip hop artists? And how often do you see Lebron letting Chet Holmgren win an NBA Championship for racial diversity initiatives… never…

6. BANKRUPTCY LAW is too forgiving.

I believe that American bankruptcy law should be changed so that the person filing, “a bankruptcy,” is broke there-after. But this stands in opposition to America’s current system, where in today’s current system a corporate entity / corporation itself, goes broke, while the owners skate away with X amount of dollars… after a bankruptcy.

And then often times that same person who just filed for a, “bankruptcy,” can start a new company and then file for a bankruptcy again, 7 years later! But unfortunately, the prior generation did this in America for decades and basically seems to have fueled the 1990’s economy with, “boom and bust,” corporate bankruptcy claims… leading to this issue becoming overlooked by the mainstream media, today.

-William Larsen, Civilians News