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Positive News?
In A World Full Of Complaints
-Part 2-


September 9th 2022

“64% of Americans say that in their opinion, social media has a mostly negative effect on the way that things are going in the U.S. today.” – Pew Research Center


But why take anything online at face value? Because unless Mark Zuckerburg or Jeff Bezos say it themselves than it's probably not true and even then... it's probably some sort of, "deep state," fake recording... or is it? And what is, "real," online today?

Regardless, whatever you might think about the current state of US politics there’s no denying that the internet does play a role in, “political discourse,” and consequentially, our countries current decision making. Whereby, personally… I’m glad that we have this technology which can allow for increased participation in Democracy and not only in America but abroad, as well. Whereas, the issue that I have with modern technology’s impact on politics is that we don’t use it MORE!

Yet, it’s only a matter of time before we can all vote at home, assumingly on a government voting website… but why not sooner! And I’ve been long awaiting a more clear divide between government sponsored and civilian’s news. Yet, while opposition will point out that the masses routinely fail to make intelligent political decisions, I think that the American people are stronger as a whole and that without Nike profiting off of us, it would be nice to join together for something other than a sporting event! Whereby, all of the people who even could break Bill Gates’ door down are always running into each other in pads, in this country.


But where was I? Oh that’s right… no one has any credibility except for Jeff Bezos, so why does anything that anyone else publishes matter at all? Well it matters because we should be holding forums online and voting online, today and not in some Utopian future but some people argue that our news sources are too powerful and opinionated, as it currently stands.

Regardless, opposition to online voting and discussing politics online includes some of Silicone Valley’s biggest giants themselves, billionaires who seem to claim that grass roots violence will occur because of the divisiveness of politics online. And it’s these same Silicone Valley billionaires, who are profiting off of this technology, who would prefer to collect advertising dollars and play stupid for as long as possible regarding politics and the news, be it positive or negative, online. Regardless, I completely disagree with these institutional powers and their approach to the news and particularly regarding issues like, “voting online,” where the opposition is currently getting their way, as we still use ballots and rely on Fox News for 99% of our daily, “credible news,” in America. Furthermore, Fox controls a vast majority of the news in America today and they aren’t even owned by an American, they’re owned by an Austrian who grew up filthy rich in Europe. Nevertheless, Tesla isn’t owned by an American either and that seems to be an inside joke at the Ford and Trump dinners, these days.

Nevertheless, that is where we’ll begin today’s article on my platform,, regarding the topic of positive news today. Whereby, I don’t want to dig through a bunch of stats online and go through endless rigors, fact checking claims about the power of the media and clearing my conscious of any potential mis-reporting, however, I do believe that the media is mostly negative today, outside of a few billionaires who occasionally use their platforms to half heartedly re-assure the poor that they don’t need to riot with pitch forks, when maybe the masses really should be rioting with pitch forks. And in particular, I’m referencing Gates Notes, Bill Gates’ personal blog, as I’m writing this.

Regardless; long story long… the media appears mostly negative today, in my opinion and without fact checking that hypothesis let’s examine a few, “credible news websites,” and the stories that they have on their front pages, right now. Whereby, Fox News currently has 12 stories online about Queen Elizabeth dying and then further down on their website they have another story titled; “FIRST ON FOX: Nonprofit offers books with sex imagery to K-12 teachers.”

And I would consider all of that, “negative news.”

Then Fox has another story that’s titled; “Liberal mayor promptly sends away migrants bussed to her city,” and that’s what was published by Fox News today, with a total of 0, “positively spun articles,” currently up on their website.

Then CNN currently has 5 stories about the Queen’s death as well and then this article, up on their front page; “Texas DPS chief rejects claims of cover-up in Uvalde investigation and denies telling his captains ‘no one is losing their jobs,also, for a total of 0 positive news articles on this morning.


Then is just about the only, “credible news source,” that I know of, which focuses primarily on, “positive news,” but it’s often biased and it often feels like Bill Gates is just trying to appease the millions of people whom he basically OWNS in this country. Or does Warren Buffet, his best friend, employ us? And literally something like 10% of the people in this country seem to work for 1 of them. Where now I can see that Bill Gates’ original staff at Microsoft was all hand picked and that he handled some of these issues pertaining to social mobility in the 1980’s by giving out VERY LUCRATIVE stock options to his first generation of employees (*making them part owners of Microsoft) and then by hiring mostly out of the US, thereafter, essentially warning his current staff of an impending immigration crisis while separating his 1st and 2nd generation employees by ethnicity. Yet, he’s the positive news source…

And on a side note, Bill Gates is from, “the Picard era,” when dorks were dorks and money was money.


Regardless; Microsoft/Gates Notes aside… there isn’t a lot of positive news published in America these days and I think that, that’s probably for a few different reasons.

  1. Profits – Do Americans care about positive news? Do ratings go up when Fox reports on race? Do ratings go down when CNN reports on positivity? And I don’t know… because currently gets about 800 views / month, so I don’t have that data.
  2. Is positive news detrimental to the upper class? And imagine a world where everyone wasn’t so intimidated to talk about things like politics and money…
  3. Are positive news stories redundant? And I wrote one story about personal safety and un-mitigated deaths in America, however, other than that I do agree that it can be difficult to find positive things to write about. Whereby, it’s definitely easier to complain than it is to write about positivity or create change yourself. Nevertheless, as a non-credible news source, I often wonder if either approach will affect my bottom line, here at and maybe I’ll be hired at, “a credible news source,” after Gates passes on to the next life. He sure will be missed. #FakeNews
  4. Credibility… and a lot of people aren’t becoming news anchors at all anymore. Whereby, only a handful of news websites are credible at all these days and I chalk that lack of credibility up to arguments over race and the NCAA, which have now caused hiring issues all across America, especially when it comes to fields such as; public speaking, acting and music. Whereby, I think that Hollywood is still casting Brad Pitt in movies… to avoid arguments over race.

But on any given day, look for yourself and count how many, “positive news articles,” that you see on FOX and CNN and really think about why certain news sources deserve credibility in this country, while apparently others do not?

And in conclusion, don’t let Trump talking out of both sides of his mouth make you think that he’s the only one qualified enough to lead this country, particularly when another lifelong politician, Joe Biden, is smugly talking over the public’s head now too. (*For example, COVID 19 = covered it). Whereby, even our new President, is clearly insecure over the topic of HIS OWN credibility / leadership, which I’ve noticed seems to be the reason for Biden’s veiled arguments and proxy wars that so often leave the public going, “did we really just debate the topic of universal healthcare for 15 years? Or is Joe Biden talking out of both sides of his mouth again?” Or to translate… is universal healthcare a veiled argument regarding marijuana? Is immigration a veiled argument regarding the NCAA? And who takes more welfare, seniors or minorities? Or is that all too heavy for the public to handle?

-William Larsen, founder.