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Re-Branding America For The 21st Century

April 9th 2016

“The everyday news cycle,” often focuses on problems and negativity… facing our nation. However, this often occurs without that negative news, actually becoming a catalyst for REAL CHANGE. And I find that this is particularly true, regarding issues such as; greed, transparency, un-employment, retirement planning, age discrimination, housing reforms and environmentalism.

Nevertheless, here at Civilians News we pride ourselves on going out into the field and making a difference. Where to be clear, Civilians News is not simply rabble rousing or pointing the finger, with the intention of earning a profit. Yet, instead we are reporting on topics that impact ALL of our futures, without partisan bias in our reporting, WHILE SEEKING REAL SOLUTIONS AND ACTUAL CHANGE, in the real world.

So today, I’d like to offer 6 suggestions, to the federal government, in order to address the most crucial issues facing our nation today.

So, here are 6 government reforms to consider;

1. Government transparency.

In 2014, America paid a combined total of 4.7 trillion dollars in taxes (for an average of $38,317 dollars per household). Yet, where exactly did all of this tax money go? The fact of the matter is, it’s not all accounted for.

PLUS: This reform is free. Whereby, I believe that this reform would go a long ways towards setting a positive example for the private sector, as well as re-branding America, moving into the next century.

2) Government work programs focused primarily on cleaning pollution.

Anyone willing to work in America today… should be able to pick up a trash bag and go to work. Whereby, I also believe that this is a truly vital reform, which could greatly improve American, “job creation.”

And if that requires subsidized ABC programs then so be it. Plus, America has done this before in past economic recessions!

And it’s long overdue that Americans were stripped of the excuse, “I don’t have anywhere to work,” in my opinion.

A new deal worker planting trees for the CCC. This was known as FDR’s, “tree army,” in the wake of, “the new deal” legislation. Image via Google Search, “New Deal legislation/ ABC alphabet programs.”


Buffalo, NY, claimed they successfully eradicated homelessness, in 2015.

Although, not entirely eradicating the problem, Buffalo cut their cities homeless population to less than a 100 homeless citizens and statistically, Buffalo lowered it’s homeless population by almost 90%, using housing programs and co-opting local religious institutions.

So now it’s time for the rest of America to follow suit!

Whereby, 4 years ago, this same city had an estimated 400 homeless civilians. By comparison today, only 25, “chronically homeless,” remain today.

4) We need housing reforms AND no more, “too big to fail.”

In the United States today, there are 6; vacant, rotting, decaying homes, for every 1 homeless American…

In fact, 3.5 million Americans are homeless right now… Whereby simultaneously, 18.5 million American homes are vacant.


And think about what that means. That means that somewhere in America right now… is a man who owns millions of homes, under any one of America’s banking institutions… and that man is choosing to pay property taxes, on all of that unused property, as opposed to selling those homes for a proper supply and demand value… in some ways dictating the housing market.

Pause. Homes for 1$? Ya know… because what’s the value of a rotting home? Nobody knows.

5) Modernized high school education. Creating high school courses on taxes and finance.

People today, can often go their entire lives without learning to file taxes or saving for retirement. So let’s change that at the public school level!

6) Changing America’s tax code.

This moment in history… is a time when Americans need tax reform(s).

And personally, I would like to see a federal tax levied on all purchases that cost over $100,000 U.S. dollars. And perhaps this is not a very popular belief? However, I believe that this is the right thing to do, whereby luxury cars over $100,000 dollars in cost, I think deserve a 15% sales tax.

-William Larsen, Civilians News founder.

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