Stephan A. Smith --The Man Who Had To Work Twice As Hard Because Of His Skin Color

June 23rd 2022

Today, I’m writing about another American hero of mine, Stephan A. Smith… and his journey to the top of the journalism profession.

And as some of you may know… Stephan A. Smith was hired by Disney in the year 2003, to work at ESPN, Disney’s sports affiliate marketing company that broadcasts live sports and sport’s talk radio, 24/7/365. However, before his hiring by Disney, Stephan A. Smith graduated from Winston-Salem College and played basketball at the Division 3 level. Nevertheless, 19 years later, Stephan is still a love-able, TV personality and a NYC native… who represents blue collar work ethic on nation-wide talk radio, where he earns a living by trolling audiences regarding the day-to-day blend of African American and Caucasian culture in professional sports. But to go beyond just representing minorities in sport’s journalism and athletics, Stephan A. has also come to symbolize the journey of the under-privileged striving to achieve social mobility… and along with Brian Windhorst… he has now come to represent hypocrisy.

But what do I mean by that? Well… in 2003, when Stephan was hired by Disney… he too, owned a political blog that was at that time similar to Nevertheless, when confronted by Disney during his hiring process in 2003, regarding his blog, which I have never read because along with Barack Obama’s diary it is now omitted from the web (*and I can only imagine why), needless to say he took it down and ESPN hired him that year. Whereby, according to Stephan… he was told that he had to either choose between ESPN or his personal blog, which I can only assume contained, “civil right’s era politics,” and for many years Steph has told this story on live TV, at ESPN, regarding his hiring… and how he felt about that decision.

However, I pose the question today… would Malcolm X have taken his blog down… to work for ESPN? And I can only speculate being a white male, who has no understanding of these racially charged issues. #FakeNews

And are there outlets better than journalism to discuss race, like music? Whereby, again… I’m not credible enough to answer that question.

Regardless; one quote from Stephan, perhaps one of the most recognizable journalist’s in American history, has stood out to me over the years, as I post article #174 on, today. However, that quote was, “I had to work twice as hard as my contemporaries because of the color of my skin, to get to where I am today.” Or maybe 5 or 10 times as hard… who knows… with the quarterback position becoming so, “mental.”

AND EVER HAS HE… to get to where he is today. Whereby, today, with an estimated net worth of 15m dollars… and an annual salary of 8m dollars according to my sources, in the year 2022, Stephan is now one of the most successful journalist’s in all of American history, if not the world, financially speaking. However, I just want to take a moment to shine a light on some of the amazing work that Stephan has done, despite facing countless racial epitaph’s and endless degree’s of racial injustice, hampering him down throughout his journalism career.

Oh what is this? The Stephan A. Smith archive on…

Well, look for yourselves… at the face of injustice. Well earned Stephan, amazing perseverance and you earned it.

-William Larsen, Founder

PS: Just some Russian politics but you’re the victim and… what am I? Ivan Drago?

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