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The Openly Gay Community Has Doubled In the US Since 2012 --But Why?

November 25th 2022

Twice as many Americans today, are openly affiliated with the LGBTQI+ community as compared to 2012.

*A statistic, concerning the staggering rise in LGBTQ+ affiliated Americans, since 2012.

But why?

And as a grass roots American… I can only speculate in terms of the recent rise in America’s homosexual / transgender community, whereby, this article contains no scientific results or biological case studies regarding homosexuality. However, I do have a few thoughts on this situation regarding the rising popularity of LGBTQ affiliation within America today, from my own grass-roots perspective.

Whereby, first and foremost, I think that American culture has become more accepting of; transient, abstract and even immoral ideology, over the past 3 decades, leading to more people simply, “coming out,” as gay. Whereby, perhaps many of these individuals who have recently chosen to affiliate themselves with the LGBTQ+ community have long been self aware of their own homosexuality and perhaps were more afraid of the back-lash concerning, “coming out,” in years past. However, I also think that the film industry, the pornography industry and the tech industry, have in some ways encouraged homosexuality, within America today. Furthermore, I think that in many ways, “LGBTQ+ rights,” are now being used as a political tool… in order to shield, “old money,” “nepotism,” and quite frankly, a growing tech sector fueled by tech employee’s who consistently have sexual deviancies (*IE Steve Jobs and other tech executives). Whereby, I find that many top executives like Bill Gates and others in tech… are now using this LGBTQ culture as political leverage, in order to retaliate towards financial grievances brought on by civil rights movements such as that of; African Americans, women and Native Americans, today. Or to put that more simply… I think that some of America’s top leaders, which I describe as, “old money,” are now using gay rights as a tool to shield themselves over criticism regarding growing levels of, “corporate nepotism," and civil rights backlash.


However, in my opinion, I see this rise in LGBTQ+ Americans as perhaps NOT A CAUSE FOR CONCERN but an indication that America is;

  • More accepting of abstract lifestyles today, than ever before.
  • A symptom of bitter leadership that is sick of countless Civil Rights movements, despite political reconciliations that have occurred dozens of times… over the past 10 decades.
  • Glamorization of the gay community by both the film industry and musicians such as; Lady Gaga, Madonna, Freddy Mercury, George Michael and Boy George.
  • A lopsided economy, which not only promotes nepotism but also promotes wealthy heterosexual males to get married SEVERAL TIMES over and to have several female partners, leaving more men/boys without the means to take care of a women in today’s society.
  • The, “club mentality,” of giving young men and women, “something to belong to.” And I find that this to be particularly prevalent, within the confines of social media and politics, today.

Close To Home

And actually what also inspired me to write this article was a college roommate of mine, who after college came out as, “homosexual,” who I personally feel perhaps betrayed me in some ways by doing so… but not because he came out as, “gay,” in his mid twenties, but because were he gay since childhood, then why didn’t he leave Darlene for me to have sex with on Spring Break back in 2004? If he was gay? Which quite frankly, led me to question the motives behind some members of the gay community today.

And that individual, who I won’t name, is now married to a man who’s 48 years old (*12 years his senior), named Mike Mcfall, who just won a seat in the 8th District House of Representatives in my home state of Michigan… under the slogan, “I’m with Mike.” Whereby, that occurrence really spurred me to delve into this topic, today. Because quite frankly, knowing this individual personally since childhood, now my home-state’s government Representative’s husband and a friend of the Obama’s… and then see’ing him marry a man 12 years his senior, followed by that man winning a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives this November, really made me question the ethics of, “gay marriage,” today.

Because this individual… who I know pretty well… in some ways might be being taken advantage of, by his husband, who is now a certified politician in the state of Michigan.

And that’s not an easy thing for me to accept, quite frankly. Where it’s almost as though a child of mine, has been adopted into this transient lifestyle and I just hope that they have a healthy relationship…

Gay Adoption

Regardless; the sexual orientation is but 1 facet of that relationship, however, knowing this individual and being a bit bitter myself that he had sex with Darlene and I didn’t in high school… yet, he’s now, “gay,” led me to write this article today. Because in hindsight, why didn’t he leave Darlene for me then? And that led me to really question NOT ONLY U.S. POLITICS, as his husband is now a politician in the 8th District of Michigan, but also the motivations and rising popularity of LGBTQ+ Americans, today. Whereby, this article is no way meant as a form of hatred or malice towards the gay community, so much as a referendum on the motivations and circumstances, surrounding the grass roots happen-stance of a rising popularity concerning the LGBTQ+ community and it’s acceptance in national politics. Whereby, if Representative Mike Mcfall, this individual’s husband, would like to comment on this article… then I would encourage him to do so.

Nevertheless; I can only speculate as to the exact motives and science behind the rise in the LGBTQ+ community within the US today, however, I do have a variety of questions and opinions regarding this circumstance, from a grass roots American’s perspective. And with that said, I feel like voicing those opinion’s on today, somewhat due to my own personal jealously over that Darlene incident and Mike Mcfall’s recent win in the Michigan House of Representatives, this November. Whereby, I also wonder… and not just concerning homosexuality… but also, in terms of feminine behavior itself, where America finds normalcy concerning feminine behavior among males and particularly young men. Whereby, I don’t know that I do feel comfortable with older men, taking younger men as husbands and then winning seats in the House Of Representatives, partially through their affiliation to the gay community.


And regardless of the LGBTQ+ community, I am often viewed as, “entitled,” or, “immature,” by my peers… simply for being outspoken or masculine enough to even comment on situations such as this… and I question the ethics regarding modern day free speech on topics such as this, particularly inside the realm of U.S. politics. Whereby, this issue also raises a concerns for me, in terms of the rise in FEMININE behavior within American society today, IE marrying an older man, regardless of sexual orientation. And I think that this rise in feminine behavior, within the American workplace particularly… has in many ways given rise to this now staggering climb in openly gay Americans. But that is simply my opinion and I am NOT a State Representative…

However, not so much concerning myself with the LOVE or RESPECT of Americans who choose to now identify as LGBTQ+, I’m more concerned with the circumstance’s surrounding this rise in openly gay Americans and what levels of feminine behavior that this country finds appropriate moving forward. Whereby, what if 50% of young men in the future, are claiming to be LGBTQ+? Would that be normal? And personally, I don’t know. (*And yet, I lean left.)

And the individual who inspired today’s article, who married the now 8th District Representative of Michigan, State Representative Mike Mcfall, actually explained homo-sexualty to me himself (*my old college roommate) as a circumstance of ACCEPTING his own feminine side, which he described as something that, “everyone is born with to a varying extent.” And I didn’t entirely disagree with him on that. Whereby, this individual, Mike Mcfall’s husband, actually explained to me himself that his coming out was a circumstance where he believed that everyone was born with a varying degree of homosexuality on a spectrum of 1-100. Which today and at the time of that conversation, I didn’t entirely disagree with, as evidenced by the extreme fanaticism of young men regarding the National Football League, within America today.

However, and let me take a moment to re-iterate my motivation in writing today’s article and that this article was not constructed due to hatred or malice but instead, concern and introspection, regarding this staggering rise in the LGBTQ+ community within America, today. And this is something that most Americans and pundits alike are often scared to even discuss openly, out of fear of criticism, in America today. Whereby, that reluctance to even discuss this topic I view as, “the problem itself,” which is that Americans are growing more and more, “feminine,” in terms of a reluctance to even discuss uncomfortable subject matter.

1 Step Further

But let’s take this conversation 1 step further… and I’d like to simply point out that while America has become more and more accepting of LGBTQ+ affiliation, regardless of the exact science behind it, that simultaneously micro-economics and grass roots working conditions have also veered towards a more feminine mindset in the modern day work-environment. Which I believe coupled with an increasingly callus economy and technologically driven isolation, is responsible for this rise in the LGBTQ+ community, within America today. Or to put it more bluntly, as a grass roots citizen in the United States today, I believe that feminine behavior is being rewarded financially more than ever before in America, giving rise to this phenomena in the LGBTQ community. Whereby, once again, I’ll point out the rising fanaticism among young men, regarding America’s National Football League.

But in order to be even more transparent, regarding my own personal beliefs regarding this situation… I find that this circumstance is often a bi-product of an increasingly isolated American youth, which in my opinion has become a shortfall of the technological revolution combined with the ascension of female leaders within the America’s mainstream media. Or rather, women are being rewarded more than ever before financially both in America and abroad and I find that a lot of men are simply resorting to feminine behavior, seemingly in order to rise above an increasingly callus US economy. And I supposed that as I re-iterate that stance, that that’s my conclusion to today’s article. Whereby, again, look no further than sport’s journalism in America today to see the outcome of an increasingly feminine mainstream media, affecting America’s youth. Whereby, pundits like Stephan A. Smith now make a very lucrative career out of simply criticizing more masculine males and that feminine behavior is becoming a trend…

Whereas, a more masculine writer might even be forced to turn down a 7 figure salary in order to openly discuss his political beliefs… and that writer might even have to find an alternative career in hip hop, due that stance.

-William Larsen, Founder,