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Underage Sex, A European Icon
And A Sad Reality

August 28th 2023

As an underground hip hop artist… (… I'm very critical of the people whom the mainstream media chooses to elevate into the limelight.

In fact, I often despise when teenagers are thrust into super-stardom at the mainstream level, whether that occurs in professional sports or due to inheritance. However, I'll be the first to admit that this sentiment surely stems from paying dues myself in; journalism, Ai, music and acting... without thus far experiencing my own success.

And does that, "position," make me biased? Particularly when it comes to matters of judgment? Sure, it truly does. In fact, when I'm critical of; a media personality, an athlete or a CEO... it's usually because of my own personal experiences with these types of people, in turn creating my own self serving biases. Nevertheless, with that fact both stated and acknowledged... in no way could I continue my pursuit of un-filtered journalism... without commenting on the glorification of soccer icon, "Karim Benzema," today. And while most fans of futball know Karim for winning the 2022 Ballon D'or trophy as the world's best futballer, most people consistently overlook an incident that Benzema had in 2009 with an under-aged girl. And perhaps you as a reader are familiar with Karim Benzema from the Futball Club, "Real Madrid," in Spain? Or perhaps you've never heard of Karim, "The Dream," at all. However, most people in France and now Saudi Arabia (where he plays today, in the Saudi Professional League) are familiar and supportive of this French native who rose to fame at Real Madrid FC during the 2010 decade. However, what most people fail to mention when discussing this SUPER-STAR figure in global sport... is that Karim was arrested in 2014 regarding illegal sexual relations between himself and a minor named Zahia Dehar, who was only 16 years of age when this illegal sex act, occurred.

And supporters of Benzema might point out that while the victim, Ms. Dehar, was taken advantage of at the time of the crime due to her age... Mr. Benzema was himself only 21 years of age at the time of the crime. However, what I find to be the most troubling aspect of this case... aside from how the French and European media still neglect to classify Karim as a, "sex offender," today... was that Mr. Benzema and his fellow teammate allegedly ordered this 16 year old prostitute (*prostitution is apparently legal in France), "like a Happy Meal out of the drive thru window," allegedly after a Real Madrid training session. And while this crime in particular ruffled feathers all over the fuball community, particularly due to Karim’s significant status within not only his native France but also, Real Madrid and now Saudi Arabia, however I don’t believe that the full magnitude of his crime has ever fully been discussed in terms of how our society reacts towards such sexual indiscretion(s) and how such an incident... ought... to stain a person’s professional career.

So, I stumbled upon an interesting thread regarding this topic on the website QUORA last month, where a user named, “Jessica Svoboda,” asked the forum...

"What would happen if I hooked up with someone I met from a bar only to later find out they used a fake ID to get in and they are actually underage? Could I defend myself in court?

-Jessica Svoboda, from

And a lot of people responded… in fact, this thread got almost 50,000 views… and I was immediately interested because as a culture, America itself has seemingly warmed up to younger people becoming sexually active in recent years. In fact, Seth Rogan dated a High School girl as a working professional in the film, "Pineapple Express," and almost nobody said anything, despite him portraying a working professional dating a girl on her way to her High School Prom.

But in terms of the criminal justice system, isn’t that illegal? For Karim Benzema it was… but for Liam Hemsworth at the age of 21 dating a 16 year old Miley Cyrus, apparently not though. And this has happened in other circumstances, recently, as well, where a young Billie Eilish dated a 20 year old XXXTentacion right in the public eye when she was only 16 years old, without the media really saying much in the way of the criminal legality concerning such sexual misconduct as defined by American law.

But what do you think? As an audience? Is this an illegal sex act? For a 20 something male to date a 16-17… year old girl? Or was the way that Benzema ordered Ms. Zahia Dehar, "like a Burger out of the drive thru window," what made the Real Madrid star's crime, "punishable by law," back in 2014? And when should the law prosecute such offenders? Is it ethnically biased to prosecute Benzema? And when is this act illegal in nature? And I couldn’t help but comment on in order to answer some of those questions myself...

So here’s a little bit about how I feel regarding this topic, which you can also find on, today.

I said;

"It depends upon the age of the girl and 17 is less of a problem than 13–14-15-16. And I think that the ethical issue in question with this crime is the age gap. Is this a 21 year old college student or a 45 year old vacuum salesmen? Dating a young Amber Heard before her High School Prom?

I basically dated a 17 year old… when I was 21, in college. Whereby, in my opinion that is no crime at all. She was a Senior in High School (4th year student) not a Junior (3rd year) but it also depends upon the nature of it. Karim Benzema in France ordered a 16 year old hooker like a Big Mac at McDonald's. He was prosecuted. And someone in Karim's position who is essentially abusing authority like a Teacher or in this case an athlete, whom vast government resources build stadiums and tax dollars elevate socially, should surely be charged with a crime, in my opinion.

Where this becomes morally confusing... in my opinion... is regarding cases where there's an obvious physical or mental, "maturity gap." For example, say that LeBron James did what I did when he was 18... then he might be charged with a crime and not because of ethnicity but because of a, "maturity gap," due to his early physical maturation. But anyone in this scenario ought to use common sense. And does race matter here regarding the legality of such crimes? No, it doesn't… but there are surely groups of people, the Dutch and German ethnicity for example, who do tend to develop physically later on in life due to evolutionary and social constructs. So for these types of, "late bloomers," to be taken advantage of is a matter of personal discretion in practice... yet, in legality it's a matter of capital punishment.

And for me personally, I was an immature German boy and I was seeing a German girl. We both looked appropriate together without an obvious physical or mental, "gap between us," at 17 and 21 years of age, when she was still a minor and I was technically an, "adult." However, I recall feeling guilty or like I had done something, "morally wrong," at the time, which in hindsight was somewhat unfair to me. So in my opinion the law today ought to expressly state, "that a couple should use sensible judgment," in terms of their, "maturity gap," vs strictly going off of the age of consent. Whereby, technically this type of relationship (like in the case of Karim Benzema)... is a crime but in many circumstance's it is not charged, prosecuted or even acknowledged. And however you might feel about what Benzema did… essentially ordering a 16 year old prostitute like a side dish after futball practice, the law ought to expressly state the nature of this crime and where this crime is punishable vs circumstances where the law is less inclined to prosecute.

Whereby, in the case of Karim, "The Dream," Benzema you have an underage prostitute or an underaged subordinate… being taken advantage of by an older man who works for Real Madrid FC... with no emotional ties, whatsoever. Like this young girl was some sort of, "a play thing in a Mcdonald's wrapper," and a man who thinks that his wealth should allow him to behave in such a manor ought to be penalized for their entitlement. Whereby, that is a crime. So when this type of thing is discussed, "what are the circumstances involved? What is the male's intention? And what is the overall outcome of other people acting in this way?" And that is how this crime ought to be viewed by the rule of law, in my opinion.

Today at 37… I have a 10 year rule. A lot of things are different in college, though. However, say that a 17 year old Miley Cyrus is dating a 25 year old Liam Hemsworth, for example… no one said anything. And the reason nobody said anything is that with models there's more lee-way because society tends to judge this crime not based upon the age of the female but by the, "maturity gap," between the pair. Same thing with Eilish, where she is now 21 and with worldwide celebrity she got away with getting railed by older guys in her early teens... and that's up to Billie.

Again, I find this to be circumstantial in judgement. Beyonce supposedly met Jay Z when he was 28 and she was just 17 years old, for example. And was that wrong? And I see this type of thing occur at the University Of Michigan literally every year, as well as at Real Madrid. Whereby, I'd say that it's a matter of common sense. And with Hov I think education matters. Whereas, Bey and Jay had the same intellect at 17 and 28 years of age because Jay was un-educated and they shared the same career path. Which is less sleazy in my opinion.

But again if Musk did it… it'd be a crime. It's case by case. Where in the case of intellectuals abusing minors or LeBron being 6″8 at 19… the moral grey area shifts. It's case by case.

Does it feel wrong? Benzema knew what he did. But it depends upon how it happens, in my opinion. And let me conclude by sharing a story about how I once lived with a girl named Alexa Hines who talked openly about jerking off her 30 year old bosses penis, while at work, when she was just 16 years old. Alexa now also works in professional sports, by the way. However, she was so proud to be sexually taken advantage of 10-12 years later as to actually go as far as to brag about such molestation... and she now works in PR for the NHL... and apparently she has a great relationship with the team owner, today. But in that case should the child be charged with a crime?

However, again, Benzema and Real Madrid have a consistent issue with child hookers, ordered out of catalogues. So it's case by case. Where at Real Madrid and UofM for example, it's systemic. In which case authorities have NO CHOICE but to levy the harshest of punishment's due to the inability of these organizations to punish their own coaches and players. And what's the effect of this crime upon society? Where at the University of Michigan for example, child sex is almost encouraged, so now the authorities have to step in."


Furthermore, what about when a company like Disney takes advantage of a child financially? Is that any less criminal in nature?

So America... you decide, how should this law be defined? How should our society deal with this?

And where do we draw the line?

And what about a situation like Bronny James where the youth is genetically more mature than say a Dutch boy/girl of the same age... like myself? Should we prosecute this CRIME the same way regarding people in positions of authority? And do athlete's qualify as authority figures, while playing in tax funded stadiums?

But let's hear your thoughts regarding this topic in light of the various sexual indiscretion's committed at Real Madrid and UofM, throughout the years and how we as a society ought to view such sex crimes.

-William Larsen