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What Is Civilians News’ Platform?

January 6th 2020

What is our platform? And our focus has changed over the years but with that being said... this is our platform, today.


  1. Dividing currency into 2 forms : 1 currency for the free market(s) and another for food and housing. This is similar to Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend but I believe that this method of dividing American currency is actually better. I’ve further outlined this concept in a past article, which can be viewed here.

  2. Education reform! Teaching more biographies in public schools, as opposed to having children write non-sensical essay’s their whole lives, while then memorizing everything in them (‘Ol the irony.) And furthermore, I’d like to see a greater emphasis placed on Mathematics and computer coding, as well.

  3. Full economic transparency… and this will never happen… but I’d like to live in a world here everyone can view each-other’s bank accounts.

  4. Free music and movies (or legalized piracy). Whereby, artists are only paid for their shows and their, “meet and greets.” And this is a vastly controversial point amongst many aristocrats, however, I feel this way because rap music… teaches more children about life… than many Fathers, in my opinion.

  5. Mandatory enlistment… mandatory 2-3 year enlistment after High School.

  6. Police serving a week in jail, as part of their training.

  7. More subway systems and a greater emphasis on public transit altogether, outside of just urban areas. And did you know that Cincinnati has a halfway built subway system?

And that’s it… that’s my platform.

But now, with the past behind us, where will we be tomorrow?

-William Larsen, Civilians News founder.