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Why I Believe That A 3rd Coronavirus Stimulus Has Little To Do With The Virus Itself

February 5th 2021

Imagine being bullied by your older brother… and every time that you earn any inkling of respect then it’s immediately taken away from you.

Now, imagine getting rich on a global scale in a country like India, Mexico or Vietnam. Sure, perhaps wealthy elites in those countries have the friendliness of their home environments and perhaps, they even share the customs of their homeland with their friends and co-workers domestically but does that foreign currency always garner respect, internationally?

And people get used to being treated a certain way, to put it bluntly, especially rich people.

But then how are wealthy elites from say Pakistan or Saudi Arabia… supposed to feel when they aren’t viewed with any importance or prestige in a country like say, England or the US? And vice versa, are tech billionaires from America as respected in China as they are here? Whereby, like with my Ai startup… I know that the products for which I’m developing have already been inserted into Asian culture, in some form… and that despite being ahead of almost every American company in Ai, I know that I’m still behind several Asian and British companies.

And not everything converts to currency, so someone who has obtained wealth in America might not be as respected abroad if their profession is less important elsewhere. Meaning that someone in Italy who becomes very wealthy working as a chef… might not make more than 15$ an hour in the US, depending upon their culture and WHAT THEIR SOCIETY chooses to reward.


But what does that have to do with providing, “Coronavirus related economic stimulus,” to millions of Americans this year? EVERYTHING AND NOTHING AT ALL… because foreign countries like Russia, England and even China, have families who have been in power for 500+ years… whereby social mobility is not viewed in the same context abroad… and government spending has long prevented, “fiscal changes,” to political power structures.

Point being, it’s bigger than money… because how do wealthy elites from other countries feel about Mcdonalds or Microsoft coming into their country and replacing them? Not too good I would imagine and you’re already seeing where some of these countries have lashed out in terms of, “corporate retaliation.” For example, in Russia you have as opposed to, which is basically just a Russian version of the same company preventing an international dispute. Where in turn, this circumstance then leads to less profits for a giant American corporation who is constantly seeking to hire the next batch of 10k Ivy Leaguer graduates and now they’re saying, “oh well we’re losing market share abroad, so lets just retire some Ivy League kids early and then argue internationally… over who pays who, what.”

And it’s getting so petty that I now believe the true cause for this year’s Coronavirus spending… is to;

  1. Keep American currency on par with other countries, in order to prevent further trade wars.
  2. To prevent further economic, “changes/progressions,” in an already volatile economy, where several older companies are already filing for bankruptcy and shifting cultural and political dynamics… both abroad and domestically.

Or to be more specific, I believe that this year’s government spending… which will provide relief to the poor… is also occurring to prohibit further widespread fiscal changes! Whereby, when massive government spending occurs… sure the short term benefits are that millions of Americans gain a momentary sense of relief but ultimately nobody goes bankrupt and maybe some of these companies should go bankrupt, IE The Ford Motor Company.


So to be clear, I now believe that this need for a 3rd Coronavirus stimulus has more to do with; inflation, government spending and preserving the status quo, than any virus. And to be clear I believe that tensions over big businesses and government spending have boiled over, both internationally and domestically, IE Corona beer (*a foreign product) vs Budweiser (*an American product). Whereby, typically things of this nature are much more, “grass roots,” than people tend to realize and for all we know… this whole pandemic might’ve started simply because one prominent Italian restaurant owner went bankrupt due to a newly constructed, “Mcdonalds.”

And sometimes 1 prominent bankruptcy is all that it takes to light an already floundering political sphere on fire.

But where should a company like Mcdonalds… expand abroad and at what cost? And where do young people in America today draw the line on corporate takeovers? Mcdonalds, Walmart, The NFL, Ford Motors… can those companies even go out of business? And what about Nintendo in China? Or film studios in LA? Or Spaghetti restaurants in Italy? Or Major League Baseball?

So then our economy not only becomes a matter of preference but culture, as well.

Nevertheless, then comes an even greater argument… which is, “when do companies get to remain generation after generation? And which companies are ‘bullet proof’ so to speak, in terms of cultural imperialism?”

Should there even be a Wendy’s in England? Do we need a Burger King next to Windsor Castle? And should we implant our culture into places like Africa at all? And who decides? Does the free market decide? Or do, “cultural curators on Wall Street,” decide which companies succeed and where they are allowed to do business? IE Buffalo Wild Wings.

And before the wrong people go broke and wars erupt… it seems that once again America is bending at the knee financially, simply lying about the Coronavirus in order to keep the greater global economy in tact, with this year’s proposed spending initiatives and their accompanying lack of clarity within the minds of the American people.


Because ultimately, I would personally prefer that some of these older companies simply filed for bankruptcy, IE The Ford Motor Company… which has all but run the entire state of Michigan into the ground for the past 50 years.

So then which companies should go bankrupt and which should remain, particularly when a company like 7/11, a privately owned company, makes 20% of their income from government based food assistance? Or when the NFL, another privately owned company, has profits in the billions of dollars per year despite using tax payer money to fund their home stadiums? And who do you reward financially when such huge chunks of the economy are based simply on government spending? And it’s not hard to tell when the votes get counted as to who’s supporting who in this game of, “government spending.” Which leads me to my next point, has the US economy turned into a politic contest and not a free market at all? Where today, it seems like most voters are simply choosing a political party based upon their own financial gains!

And while that has never been a secret within US politics it is becoming an increasingly frustrating reality on main street, particularly in choosing, “financial winners and losers,” because if 75% of these companies are benefitting from government spending (*in one form or another) then who, “loses?” And beyond just that… which political party is simply paying their base to vote for them? Democrats through welfare? Or Republicans through tax cuts?

And where does the buck stop? Or who ends up successful and who doesn’t? Because in that context the entire purpose of a 3rd economic stimulus plan and this, “2 year pandemic,” feels more about social mobility, culture and what we’re rewarding financially… than any disease or immunity. What is a, “timeless staple of our culture today?” And where do we draw the line in terms of young companies vs the old? Cultural appropriation vs smart business? And welfare vs a free market economy? And when does a company like McDonalds deserve a pass in terms of going bankrupt due to preserving American, “culture?” What about Ford Motors?

So what are we voting for?

And can we control elections when everybody simply votes for their own political party and their vote will stand to benefit them? Whereby, what are we even voting for anymore? Which group of people the government chooses to support this time? And in this way, has the free market already turned into more of a political contest than an economy at all? But furthermore, what is fair? Particularly in terms of money and respect… and particularly when 4 right wing business, “owners,” can afford to donate just as much money to their cause as 40,000 of their very own Democratic employees!

And beyond that… what happens when the Republicans use, “reconciliation,” next time around… possibly to work around Democrats in order to fund their proposed, “border wall?”

-William Larsen, founder of